Love Your Creative Imagination -Theta is Better

Everything and everyone is connected. Using the power of meditation and visualization, this audio file guides you through using your powerful imagination to affect your reality.

You can purchase the entire ‘Love Your Medicine‘ series, which includes Rescue Remedy, Love Your Affirmations, and Love Your Creative Imagination, as well as several other audios not available as singles.


Always remember: Your imagination is endless, and your creativity is likewise limitless. You are the only one who can place barriers around your creative imagination, and you are the one to tear them down.  Using the power of the visualization and Theta, you can break down the walls that limit you.

What Is Guided Meditation? 

The real purpose of meditation is to tune into your wisdom within. Through guided meditation, I can help you learn the techniques for a positive and productive meditative session.

The creative part of your inner being. What I refer to as your inner genius.

It is the place where you find your power of intention – the observer effect. A place where you create your own intention, create your day, create your reality. It’s also known as the law of attraction. You will discover infinite possibilities and pure potential when tapping into your wisdom within.

When we meditate and find this inner wisdom – our core consciousness – we can change our reality.

We are full of infinite creativity, imagination, and power beyond our wildest dreams. Most people think meditation as a relaxation technique used for handling stressful situations. This is partially true, but the real purpose of meditation, and the method through which those stressful situations are managed, is reaching that inner wisdom and peace within. Find the space between your active thoughts.

What is Theta?

Theta is the silent voice. It is at the Alpha-Theta level from 7hz to 8 Hz where you reach the optimal range for visualization, and the creative power of your mind begins. You can consciously create your reality at this level.

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Hello Lovely You,

My personal cancer journey began when doctors gave me six months to live.

That was three decades ago, when I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer – malignant melanoma.

I traveled halfway around the world on a mission to find focused, comprehensive health solutions that would save my life. In my previous life, my heart and mind were as unyhealthy as a body.

But the tragic moments of that life have become magic moments in this one.

I’ve learned the lifetime benefits of meditation and how to create lasting harmony and peace in my life. This is why I created the “Love Your Medicine” series.

Three decades ago I learned about the power of the mind and how our thoughts quite literally create our future. I saw myself healed. I know these techniques will help you just like they have helped me.

Love you,