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Food made from scratch and made with love tastes so much better and is so much better for you.

Hello lovely you,

Yay! It’s the weekend and it’s spring time over here in Boston. I’m loving life. My tea is steaming, and I’m taking a slightly different angle today with Prue’s Place Daily. Let me know what you think and if you would like more of these posts.

Open your kitchen drawers. Survey your cupboards. Check out your countertops. What do you see?

A few months ago I mentioned my crazy closet clean out of all my “old” clothes. I gave away three sturdy plastic bags full of clothes to charity. For all the hemming and haring that went on for months deciding what to give away, I now feel so silly. I don’t miss one piece of clothing I gave away. I can’t even remember everything that went out to charity.

Wow! Why do we hold onto clothes and things that we never wear? I’ve already been shopping and bought some fun new clothes that make me feel so much better than the old ones ever did!! Hahaha!

I have a new challenge for you, and it’s in your kitchen!!

I love to cook and prepare healthy meals. I can take an awful high fat, high salt recipe and turn it into something healthy or make someone out of whatever ingredients I have in my fridge. It’s fun to try different types of cooking and different tastes. I have a large assortment of spices and herbs that I use in my dishes. I even have them alphabetized!! Call me crazy, but I like to find my spices when I cook not to hunt for them!

A messy, unorganized, cluttered kitchen is so depressing and will never inspire you to eat good healthy tasty, clean food.

Prue’s tips for clearing out the clutter in your kitchen:

Food and Drink:

Look inside your drawers and cabinets! Hello! Do you see what I see? Crumbs and food particles everywhere. Don’t just clean up around your knives and forks. Remove them all from the drawer, clean it out and wash the drawer if you need to. Buy some drawer covers that keep everything in place, so you are inspired to keep the drawer tidy. If you have a big kitchen with tons of drawers, take baby steps. Do a few drawers every weekend.


Do you have way too many utensils and plates in your drawers? Throw out the ones that you don’t use or give them away. Throw out those nasty plastic serving spoons that have been burned and have a dent in the plastic. Yuk!

Pots and Pan:

How many of these do you have? Do you use them all? Pots and Pans take up so much space. Get rid of the ones you don’t need. Remove the duplicate size pots and pans. Restrict yourself to 3 roasting pans. You don’t need 8 of them cluttering up your oven so when you need to use the stove you have to remove them before you cook! Choose the newer ones and ditch the other ones.

Kitchen appliances and gadgets:

These take up a ton of space, and I can’t stand them sitting on my counter top taking up space and getting dusty! Be honest about these gadgets. Do you really need them all? When was the last time you used them? Stop buying those crazy gadgets off the TV. Oh, wait, I bet you got 2 for the price of one of those crazy gadgets, and they are taking up space in your kitchen. Out they go. Get your knives sharpened and learn some cutting skills!

Cleaning Products:

If you are serious about getting your health back, you must take a look around your house and see what chemical products you are using to clean your home and the products you are using on your skin. I changed my ways 3 decades ago and started making my own products because there were minimal non-chemical choices back then.

I could go on and on here about what NOT to buy, but I will make this simple. It needs to be a simple and not expensive to changeover.

If you have further questions, meet me over here, and I’d be more than happy to help you.

It’s time to clean out the chemical products in your home. I’m talking about all household products.

Where is your leftover, paint stored and all the paint parphenalior, paint thinners, strippers, and solvents? They have to get out of your home. These products give off toxic gases – volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOC’s can include nasty chemicals like toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate, formaldehyde, methylene chloride, and glycol.

Prue’s Tips Cont:

1. Read the label and if you can’t pronouce the words throw it out.

2. Don’t go crazy and do this all in one day. If you like your chemical product finish it up and then replace it with a healthier choice.

3. People tend to change everything right away, and this can become overwhelming and cost a fortune.

4. Consider doing this change within your budget and in a simple way. It can be done!


Take a look at Pure-Castile Soap. It’s an oldie but a goodie. Actually, it was the only product I could import to Australia 3 decades ago when I was struggling with cancer. I adore this product.

Talk about the law of attraction?

I was shopping in Whole Foods this week, and I had a bottle of Pure-Castile Soap in my cart. A representative from the company came up to me and asked me what I thought of their product. Of course, I raved about it and told her my whole story! I probably gave her far more information than she bargained for!

Look what she gave me… Thank you to my guides and healing angels!! I’m all set for the next year or so.

Prue's Bitchin' Kitchen

  • Don’t go overboard and waste unnecessary money on the latest and greatest health products.
  • Don’t listen to the marketing hype.
  • The old products that have been around for decades work just fine and are simple to use and inexpensive.

Final Touches:

Once you’ve made these changes to your kitchen, I know you will fall in love with cooking and creating healthy nourishing foods again! The pleasure you will get when you open your cupboards and see a clean array of utensils, knives, forks, pots, pans, and plates will be incredible.

Clear everything off your countertop and find a home for it.

Ahhh…the clutter is gone, and you are now ready to prepare a delicious, healthy dish for the family this weekend.

Bon Appetite!

If you’d like more info about what to keep and what to throw out of your cupboards, please meet me over here for a Q & A.

Have a happy healthy weekend and have some fun with your kitchen.

Love you,


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  1. Thanks for the kitchen inspiration Prue?
    I am looking to buy a new pair of good walking sandals and am finding questionable chemicals such as EVA foam footbeds and micobial additives, etc… a few of the brands are Teva, ECCO, Merrell, ABEO, etc. which I thought were good brands…??
    Any suggestions?

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