Self Control and Racing Thoughts

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ~ Wayne Dyer

Racing thoughts can stifle your creativity and prevents you from completing your goals and dreams. You might have a case of the “drunken monkey mind,” which is the part of your brain connected to the ego. The monkey mind is incessant and wants to be heard no matter what. It takes great self-control to shut it the hell up!

The only way to control this part of your brain responsible for racing thoughts is to pull in the reins and quietly settle things down.

Did you know you can relax and be in reflective mode every day every during a pandemic?

When I write Prue’s Place Daily it is like a meditation. I zone out, and with my thoughts and surrounded by my guides, I start writing. Meditative music helps me to calm down and with my favorite breathing exercise (Deep breath in for 5 counts – hold for 7 counts and breath out slowly for 8 counts – repeat.) I’m ready to write.

Do you ever catch yourself zoned out?

It’s kinda cool when you do. Not so cool when you do it driving along the freeway and miss your exit!!

Look around you and be aware of all the beauty in your natural surroundings. The more aware you become of the real present, of the reality around you, the harder it is for your mind to race away out of control.

Mindfulness doesn’t mean you have to sit crossed legged and OM out loud for hours!

Don’t make meditation a chore. Just sit down and be quiet, still your mind and focus on something beautiful. Maybe it’s a flower in a vase or a bird sitting on a branch in your garden. Just be still and breathe. Notice the details of the leaves around you. Listen to specific bird calls. Hold a piece of grass and really investigate all its flaws, textures, and rich colors. Be present. Be HERE.

“Release all the mind chatter today by focusing on your breath and just relax. Still your mind and live from your heart.”

The sun is shining over here in beautiful New England. Let’s all take a moment and SMILE 😀

Have a great weekend.


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