Prue's Products

In my shop, I offer several guided meditation audios for you to use with your own self-healing. I’ve personally designed and narrated my products, with the hope the techniques that helped me in my journey to healing can also help you.

I’ve learned how to walk through fear. Fear immobilizes us. The more you get in touch with your true brilliance, loving who you are and knowing you are worthy of a magnificent life, the quicker you will become whole and healed. I’ve become my own best friend. And this is my wish for you.

Passion, love and joy are hidden inside every product in this shop!

Take charge of your whole health –  your whole life.

With love & gratitude,


Prue Sinclair

My Favorite Books

If you want to get a wider look at what I’m reading to shape my current outlook, I have a list of my favorite books in the link below. I always recommend reading these, and I hope they can impact your life as much as they impacted mine.

When you purchase one of my favorite books, proceeds go to Prue’s Charity. We give gift vouchers to people in need who have cancer so they may experience a natural healing treatment of their choice. You can do a good deed, and continue to explore your own healing.

View the full list here.