Spiritualism works in wonderful ways.

Spiritualism works in wonderful ways. A lady and friend from my church passed to spirit this weekend. Barbara was one of our long time member (elders) of our spiritualist church. 14 years ago I found this adorable church and it is a 5-minute walk from my house.

Barbara introduced herself to me on my first visit to the church, and she showed me around and introduced me to the Pastor, Leo Rogers, who has retired from his pastoral duties and now entertains us with great songs and his beautiful flute.

This is the church where I met my Dave, so it has a very special place in our hearts.

I started attending spiritual healing and mediumship classes at the church, and one day Barbara came up to me and told me she was a poet and that one of her poems was published in The National Library of Poetry. She was so proud of this accomplishment and handed me the poem. After I finished reading it, Barbara said, I want you to keep this somewhere safe. I know you will share it with love and grace when I pass on. That was 10 years ago.

On Saturday morning when I heard she had died my heart sank with sadness and then fear and anxiety set in because I couldn’t remember where I had safely put her poem. I raced home and started rummaging through my office and my filing cabinet. I couldn’t find it. I told myself to calm down and just sit still and think. I sat still took a big breath in and out, closed my eyes and asked my guides for help. Within 2 minutes I knew exactly where it was. Viola!

I know Barbara has a big smile on her face as she looks down from heaven as I share her special poem with you all.

Fly with the angels Barbara.

Love to you all,


What has happened in your life where you knew you had been touched by spirit.

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  1. ..but…but…where’s Barbara’s poem? I already receive your daily inspirations, Prue, and although finances won’t allow me to go any further than to read your beautiful words of wisdom, I can from the center of my heart say that you are truly an inspiration to my soul (and hopefully my body). Thank you for being you and sharing yourself so freely with all of us in need.

    Bless you.

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