The “Hoku Point?” What is it?

What and where is the “Hoku Point?”

How does the “Hoku Point” work?

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What is the Hoku point?

The Hoku point (or L14 – the 4th point on the large intestine meridian) is excellent for relieving pain, stress or discomforts. I very rarely get headaches, but when I do, I put pressure on this point and hold and release.

Where is the Hoku point? 

The Hoku point is used in acupressure massage and acupuncture and is located on the hand. In traditional Chinese Medicine, we know that illness and pain are the results of restricted or stuck energy flow of qi or ch’i (energy). By pressing on the Hoke point, you restore and balance the flow of qi or ch’i. The Chinese are not the only culture who recognize qi energy. The Hindus refer to it as the Kundalini. Sanskrit in India call this energy Prana. In Tibet, it is qigong. The Maori’s (indigenous people of New Zealand, my home country) call it Mana. In Japan it is Ki, Hebrew is Ruah and Greek is Pneuma. Christians refer to this energy as the holy spirit – power from God.


On the back of the hand where the thumb and index finger meet. Find the exact point by bringing your thumb and index finger together. The muscle will enlarge a little – that’s the spot. Pressing on this point can relieve headaches, as well as joint and muscle pain anywhere in the body. It is also good to press here and slow down your breathing. It will bring calm and relief and a feeling of letting go.

Keep calm. Just be and breathe.

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Important: Do not press on the “Hoku Point” if you are pregnant, as it is also a point specifically used to induce labor. If your discomfort is intense or persistent, you should, of course, seek the counsel of a qualified medical practitioner.

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