The Lemon Technique – Cancer Self-help

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Are you exhausted from your daily trek up the healing mountain? We are getting closer and closer to the summit. Stick with me as we jump into our final few days.

Cancer Self-help – The Lemon Technique

Take a moment with me right now and let’s do an experiment. Imagine that I am holding up a lemon.

Look at the lemon closely and slowly close your eyes and imagine taking this lemon and slicing this half lemon into quarters. Take a quarter of the lemon and bring it to your mouth – imagine tasting the juice of the lemon. What sensations are you feeling? What is happening in your mouth or to your body? Take note of what is happening. All you did was imagine you are tasting a lemon and look at the reaction you noticed in your body.

There is no doubt that your mind and body are connected. You just proved it to yourself. Are you with me so far?

The Simonton Clinic, established over 40 years ago in California, only took patients who were willing to take responsibility for their disease. People had to be willing to look at what was happening in their lives that led to the disease and willing to do whatever was necessary to make themselves well. This is why you are here at Prue’s Place. You are here because you are willing to do everything you can to heal your life and live a better quality of life. I commend you, and I am so proud of you for wanting to stay the course.

I’m excited to teach you what I did and what I have learned from different clinics around the world. I am going to give you a technique today that I did to heal myself. It is advisable at the beginning of your healing to find three times a day to do this healing technique. I know this is a lot to ask of you, but you will soon see how effective it is to your overall well-being and guess what, you won’t think about your cancer or disease when you do this technique. This is what makes you want to do it more and more, and is the blessing of this technique.

In the movies of your mind, you will see your cancer or illness and then imagine an army of healthy white blood cells grabbing the malignant cells and carrying them away. When you imagine your white cells flushing out the cancerous cells, you will see yourself healthy, and your immune system will be working at peak performance.

There is a message in your illness

I did this meditation technique three times a day. Mind Movie Meditation

We do a deeper dive into the power of your mind and what will work for you in my program.

The movies of your mind can also help you to find the cause of your disease; why this illness has happened in the first place.

My father’s death had made my life unbearable, and all I wanted to do was to die so I could be with him. I would say it out loud back then. “Just let me die so I can be with my Daddy.” How sad that I had no idea what I was setting up for my future reality.

There is a message in your illness, and if you can find a way to decode it and learn from it, you will start to forgive yourself and others. This is powerful beyond measure. This is when true healing begins from within.

Illness is not necessarily bad for you and maybe good for us. It is a wake-up call of the highest magnitude. Think of your disease as an imbalance in your life. If we can understand that, and respond to our mind-body messages, we can potentially regenerate new healthy cells and heal our life.

Remember what I said in a previous post about labeling your disease. Forget what the doctors have told you and re-think your cancer as a body-mind-soul imbalance.

Where is the location of your tumor or illness? What does that represent for you? For example, my primary tumor was in my right leg. The right side of your body is the male side, and any issues with your legs mean you do not want or are scared to move forward with your life. The body is divided into two parts energetically. The right side is male, and the left side is female. This is an old concept that originated in ancient writings from the Mayan civilization. They were aware of the power of maintaining a balance between the two opposite energies. Buddhism and Yoga work on the same principle. Your body speaks your mind. Sadly some people are more willing to die than they are to look deep within themselves and look at how their belief structure – their “story” needs to change for them to get well.

Dr. Bernie Seigel talks about this in his book Love, Medicine & Miracles.

The mind-body connection is an old concept to some and a new concept to others. The concept that the mind and body are connected allows us to consider ways to heal that go way beyond Western body only medicine.

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” ~Gothe

Enjoy this educational video:

Dr. Thompson, CEO– Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Center

“Cancer isn’t a disease that we inherit.”


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