The Power of Words Can Make You Sick

Good morning lovely you,

What words are living rent-free in your head this morning?

The power of words can make you sick

Never underestimate the power of what you say and what you allow yourself to believe.

Did someone speak about you recently in a way that made you think badly about yourself, and did you take their words to heart?

If we are not aware of the power of words, we find ourselves re-thinking what others have said and we make them our truth.

People chatter away and don’t even know what they are saying half the time, and we allow them space in our head. We all do it. I know I do it and sometimes I don’t realize that I have taken on other people’s thoughts and still thinking about them hours after they said it. I let them rent very precious space in my head, for free!

Why do we let other people’s words control our lives?

The power of words can make us sick.

We don’t have to believe anything other people say.

What was said to you recently that is stuck in your head? What sentences or comments are echoing in your mind. They are not yours, so let them go and replace them with beautiful words.

Keep saying, “I love you _________,” say your name. “I love you ________” until the junk in your head is gone!

Let’s make a conscious effort today to take control of what we accept and will not accept.

Prue’s message today: “Choose beautiful words, wonderful words of love.”

Love you,


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