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Releasing Emotional Baggage – the REAL Natural Cancer Cure?

Good morning lovely you,

I am sitting here with a hairy cat and steaming mug of tea. I’m certainly glad my tea isn’t hairy and my cat isn’t steaming, I might not get this blog post out in time!

Hopefully, that gave you a little laugh to start your day. It’s so important to invite humor and fun into our lives. But it’s equally important to feel the not-so-fun emotions in our lives as well.

The truth is we ALL carry around emotional baggage. We’ve all been hurt. Some of us had painful childhoods full of fear, anxiety, and dysfunction. Some of us have been rejected while others have been involved in one or more toxic relationships and painful breakups or divorce. And some of us have lost loved ones over the years (four-legged and two-legged), and some of those deaths may have been sudden and tragic.

Most of us aren’t equipped to deal with this emotional pain. We find ways around experiencing the depth of our pain – find novel ways to completely avoid it. There may be the initial sting, and then, unable to handle it, and convinced that these powerful emotions will perhaps kill us, we push the pain down and get on with our lives.

I learned the hard way that feeling sadness and grief can’t kill you, but NOT feeling your emotions CAN.

The Day My Father Died

My father meant the world to me. I loved him with my whole heart. I actually adored him and was definitely a daddy’s little girl. My father didn’t just unexpectedly die one day, he was tragically killed by a drunk driver. The person who meant more to me than anyone in the ENTIRE world was ripped out of my life without warning because someone chose to get behind the wheel after drinking too much.

When I got the news about my dad, I couldn’t process it. I could actually feel myself shut down. Many of you who have been through tragic loss know what I am talking about.

Though there were initial tears and grieving, my mind, heart, and soul could not handle my new reality. And so I shoved my pain down. This became a habit as I awoke each day and had to remember my father had been killed all over again.

Months later, I would be diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma and given only 6 months to live.

I needed to find the REAL Natural Cancer Cure.

Do you think it was a coincidence that the cancer diagnosis followed so quickly after my father’s tragic passing? I know without a doubt it was no coincidence. It was a result of me suppressing my grief and sadness.

Resistance to pain wears us down and inhibits our immune system. But beyond that, stuffing our emotions deep down causes energy blocks that can eventually create disease.

You see, everything that exists does so in energy from. Thoughts are energy and so are emotions. If you don’t allow yourself to feel the depths of your feelings and process a sad event in your life, then that energy gets trapped and over time, that trapped energy manifests physically with aches, pains, allergies, headaches, muscle spasms and yes, chronic and deadly diseases.

This isn’t woo-woo nutter stuff I’m talking about. Though I knew without a doubt that my stuck emotions lead to my cancer, science is now finally catching up and recognizing the undeniable link between unresolved emotions and disease.

My dear friend and best-selling author Dr. Bernie Siegel said, “If we do not pay attention to our feelings and the messages from our body then our body will assume we do not enjoy life and get us out of here as quickly as possible.”

I believe that is exactly what happened after my father’s death. I did not process my feelings. I just couldn’t feel that amount of pain. And so they festered and eventually, my subconscious mind said, “I guess we’d better check out now.”

How to Let Go

You may or may not be aware that you are holding onto old, suppressed emotions. Many of us suppress emotions completely subconsciously as a protective mechanism. Children and young people do this a lot.

But now is the time to get to know yourself, and that includes all of your darkness and pain. It’s time to face your pain and release it. By letting go of these destructive emotions, you can heal your life and your body.

“But I don’t know HOW to let go,” you might be thinking.

Here are some exercises you can do to begin to release your emotional baggage and find the REAL Natural Cancer Cure.

Feel Your Emotions Fully

As soon as you feel an uncomfortable emotion rising from within you, notice your instinct to shove it back down. After noticing this instinct, stop the instinct, and allow the emotion to come up fully. Feel the emotion. Sit there with it in silence. Notice how feeling the emotion makes you feel physically. Tell yourself that you are fine while feeling the emotion. You will eventually notice the emotion dissipate, and you will have taken the power you have attached to it away.

Meditate on Love

After the initial negative or sad emotion has dissipated, spend 5 – 10 minutes focusing on sending yourself love. To do this, close your eyes and envision your heart. See a warm soft light extending out from your heart. Your light may be white, pink, orange or any color that you connect to love. Focus on this light and see it grow bigger and bigger until it is encompassing your entire body. Your body is now inside the warmest, softest light and you can feel it vibrate and love you. Sit there with this love all around you that is coming from your heart for a few minutes and just breathe and be loved.

Ask Source for Help

After sitting with this love for a time, end your emotion session by speaking to your angels and spirit guides. You could say something like:

“Divine intelligence, I ask that you release these old emotions from my energy field, my mind and all of the cells in my body. Help me to let go of these destructive feelings and love myself more and more every day. And I let it be so!”

The REAL Natural Cancer Cure is within you.

I promise you a few things:

This work will be challenging.

This work will be rewarding.

This work is absolutely necessary for your health and well-being.

Sending you love, light and the courage to face your own darkness…



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