What Are Mind Movies?

I heard from an acquaintance over the weekend, and she knows about the work I do and knows a bit about my background, and she asked me my opinion on mind movies and did I think they really helped people manifest. And I thought that is a GREAT topic for a blog post.

First of all, what ARE mind movies? Mind movies are essentially digital representations of physical vision boards that help people really see and, more importantly, FEEL what it is they want to move toward in their life. And if you’re not entirely sure what a vision board is, it is something you make to help you meditate on the things you want to bring into your life. Kind of like a collage.

So let’s say you want to move into a big house in an upscale neighborhood and have a new luxury car and get to travel to exotic locations. You would take a bulletin board and pin photos you’ve clipped out of magazines that represent all of these things you desire. Each day you would look at this board and really put yourself INTO those photos so you can FEEL what it would be like to be in that house, in that neighborhood, in that car, and in those awesome destinations.

Some people need a little more help with visualization than others, and so they choose to use websites and software solutions that help them take still images and put them into a movie format with inspiring music. So it’s like a vision board 2.0.

Can Mind Movies Help You Manifest?

Can mind movies help you manifest your true desires? Yes, they absolutely can. As can vision boards.

Do you NEED mind movies or vision boards to help you manifest?

Nope. All you really need is your imagination. Your imagination is a holy place in your mind. It is where you connect with God. God creates through imagination, and this is how we create as well.

You don’t need a bulletin board or magazines or software that helps you make a movie. You really just need to sit or lie with your eyes closed and, in your MIND, see, hear, feel, touch, and taste the thing that it is you want.

When I was battling cancer, I spent a lot of time in my imagination because I believed I could use my subconscious mind to help my body heal. To program my subconscious mind, I would close my eyes multiple times throughout the day and imagine that my white blood cells were white knights on white stallions, galloping around my body, slaying every cancer cell they saw. I did this day after day after day without fail. As I imagined this, I felt in my body a sense of gratitude and calm, as if everything was alright because I had powerful white knights on white stallions who were fighting the enemy on my behalf. I truly believe in my heart and soul that using my imagination in this way was a key part of my healing.

If you are someone that has always had a good imagination, then go ahead and use it daily to manifest your dreams. You really don’t need a vision board or a mind movie. Those are tools that people can use if they have a hard time closing their eyes and seeing the movie play out in their mind.

But I would also say this…

I’ve met many people who have told me they don’t have very active imaginations. That’s what they believed because when they tried to envision their dreams in their mind, they couldn’t see them.

But after asking them a series of questions, I would always learn these same people had NO problem seeing other things play out in their mind! We all use our imaginations every day without even realizing it.

When you have an argument with a coworker and you go home and replay that argument 13 times in your head, each time coming up with a better comeback and “winning” the argument, you are using your imagination.

When you think to yourself, “What do I feel like for lunch?” and then in your mind you quickly see a series of food items go by and then you land on the one that is most appealing to you, you are using your imagination.

And when you have a crush on a sexy celebrity and you sometimes allow yourself to imagine having a romantic weekend with them (Come on, we’ve all done it!!), you are using your imagination.

So, before you spend time creating vision boards or mind movies, give that imagination a try. The boards and movies are tools to help you get your imagination to start playing again. And if you DO FEEL you need to lean on these tools when you get started, that is fine. I would simply urge you to put YOURSELF in those photos. Looking at a photo of a car is not how you manifest that car in your life. You do that by imagining yourself INSIDE the car driving it, feeling the seats, smelling that new car smell. So go ahead and use these tools but be sure to put yourself INSIDE those images or inside that movie, as if the life you want is already your reality. That is the secret!

And on that note, I would also encourage you to read the works of Neville Goddard. You can also listen to his lectures about how to manifest using the imagination on Youtube. Just do a search for him and his videos will come up. He is wonderful!

I know from personal experience just how powerful our imaginations are. It is how we literally create our lives. Learn to harness this power so you can create the life you actually want.

Prue Sinclair

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