What is the Difference Between Curing and Healing Cancer?

Is There a Difference Between Curing and Healing Cancer?

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Is there a difference between “curing” and “healing”? You bet there is!

I admit I have used the words interchangeably here on this blog. I often talk about natural cures for cancer, when what I’m really talking about are natural protocols that can be used to put your body into a space where it can heal itself.

That’s the big difference between traditional medicine and alternative treatments and the difference between curing and healing cancer.

Doctors schooled in the traditional medical industry (and boy is it an industry) believe they are God-like and have the power to CURE people by means of surgery and pharmaceuticals. Alternative practitioners, like functional medical doctors, understand that the body heals itself, and all we can really do is help our body do what it was naturally designed to do. This can come from detoxing, eating an anti-inflammatory diet, meditation. A mind, body, soul approach that de-stresses your life. You need to change your lifestyle to heal your life.

Curing Without Healing

What often happens to people who have been diagnosed with a disease like cancer is they go the traditional route of surgery and chemo or radiation. After a certain amount of time, some of them will have been “cured” of the cancer. They will get the news from their doctor that the medical intervention worked and they are in remission.

These people will celebrate with their family, and they will slowly readjust to life as a “normal” person without cancer and go about their business.

Many of these people will, within a certain amount of time, become ill again. They will go to the doctor and be hit with the news that “The cancer is back.”

And they will go down the same traditional path of surgery and chemo or radiation. Many of these people will not survive this second treatment plan. If cancer doesn’t kill them the medical intervention will.

What happened? How can people who are cured of cancer end up dying from it anyway?

Because, while their bodies may have been temporarily cured, their minds and hearts and spirits were not healed from whatever it was that brought the cancer on in the first place.

In medical school, med students are trained to cure but not heal the person, the WHOLE person.

So what is the difference really between curing and healing?

I think curing suggests “getting rid of all traces of a dis-ease or illness,” whereas healing means, “becoming whole.”

Sadly, doctors don’t know a thing about helping human beings become whole. Their job is to get rid of illness but cutting, poisoning or burning it out but often that means not taking the root cause of the disease (emotional and mental) into consideration.

The healing is really up to us. This is why I say, “You are the cure.” Because so much disease comes from within us. Dis-ease is a result of what we eat and think and feel and believe. Someone with high blood pressure can be given 5 different pills by their doctor. And those pills won’t do much good if the person themselves has stress in their life and eats processed junk food. Until they decide they are worth good health and make changes, they will never be healed, and most likely never be cured.

But all those pills they are taking will end up making them sicker.

So, what is the difference between curing and healing cancer?

When someone is diagnosed with lung cancer, you can cut out a part of the lung and put them on a round of chemo to treat any remaining affected cells. The person may be temporarily cured of cancer. But unless that person heals their underlying emotional, nutritional and life imbalances, that cancer will come back.

In other words – cures are only effective when healing happens on a deeper level. This is the difference between curing and healing cancer.

How to Begin Healing Your Life and Health

Are you ready to begin healing? Here are some ways to get started.

Be Accountable

When we get sick, we often go to the doctor and hand over our power and intuition and do whatever they tell us. That’s not how you heal.

You heal by first being accountable for what is wrong. Recognize how your lifestyle habits and behaviors have helped you arrive where you are now. Understand that how you think and feel, or whether you stuff your feelings down, have helped you become unwell.

Was it a tragic moment that you have buried so far down into your soul because you can’t deal with it. This was me when my dad was killed. If this is your root cause be grateful you have found it and do the work to heal.

Once you become accountable for how you arrived where you are, you empower yourself to change your destination.

Be Patient

Healing takes time and work. If you get a bladder infection, you can get some antibiotics and be cured within days.

But healing your life from dis-ease and buried emotions or trauma will take time and effort on your part. It was a process to become unwell and it will be a process to become well and whole. Becoming whole will require you to tackle your negative thought patterns, toxic relationships, poor diet and poor stress management.

Begin to Love Yourself

A lack of self-love is one of the deepest root causes for the development of dis-ease. None of us are taught how to really love ourselves or that it is okay. We are told how to be kind people and generous to others and help others and never be selfish.

Forget that!

I say BE MORE SELFISH. Think of your own needs right now. Take care of YOU right now. When you begin to show yourself that you are worth it, you send the signal to every cell in your body that you are loved and you can begin to heal.

Sending love and light to you today and always…



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