Which type of Energy Healing is Right For You?

Types of Energy Healing

Such wonderful music was given to me this morning by spring songbirds. In an instant, the world outside my window has changed. I am always fascinated and inspired by how seamless the change from death to life is in nature. I’d like to pick up our conversation about energy healing and dive into some of the types of energy healing you may want to explore.

Keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list, but these modalities are readily available and can be a good starting point for anyone who is new to energy work.


Used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture involves inserting needles along the points of the body called meridians or energy channels. Don’t worry, you can’t even feel the needle go in. But once in, the needles generate small electric pulses that help to unblock stuck energy and bring pain relief and healing for a variety of ailments from allergies to anxiety and depression.


Related to acupuncture, acupressure is also part of TCM and it also stimulates the body’s meridian system. But in this instance, a gentle pressure is used instead of needles. Acupressure releases blockages and balances energy, supporting the body to heal itself.

Chakra Tuning

Eastern medicine talks about the human body having 7 energy centers called chakras. It is believed that these chakras receive, absorb and express our energy. Our chakras are what connect our mind and our body. When these energy centers are blocked, we cannot connect to our higher selves or to the creator, the source of life and all healing. Chakra tuning uses tuning forks and the resonance of the notes they make is believed to move/unblock the energy so that we may once again connect our body and mind.


You may remember the blog post a couple of weeks ago where I mentioned that some prestigious hospitals around the country are currently using Reiki as an adjunct therapy for many patients. When even traditional medicine starts acknowledging these “alternative” health treatments, then it’s time we all start to pay more attention to them.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of spiritual healing. The healer does not touch the patient, but their hands skim their energy field, transferring the universal energy to the patient to help them restore good health.

Qi Gong

This ancient Chinese practice combines medicine, martial arts and philosophy. Qi Gong uses rhythmic breathing and a calm, mindful state to help guide energy throughout the body. This improves immune function and promotes relaxation, which is necessary for healing to occur. This is a practice you can do yourself, though I recommend you find an instructor in your area to work with at the beginning.

How to Choose the Right Energy Healing Practitioner

I am such a huge believer in energy healing. I know firsthand how it can help our bodies to unblock stuck energy and restore our health. I encourage you to find an energy healer you want to work with and begin your journey.

A few words about finding an energy healer to work with:

Meet with a Few Local Healers to See Who You Feel Most Comfortable With

You want to feel safe and have a good report with your energy healer, so it’s a good idea to call a few and see if you can meet with them in person to ask a few questions.

How do you feel about the space? Is it inviting? Calming? Or is it hectic and messy? Does the energy healer put you at ease, seem professional and respectful, or do they seem scattered and unprofessional?

Remember, we’re talking about YOUR healing journey here, and you’ve got to feel 100% comfortable, so take the time to find the right energy healer for YOU.

Does the Modality Speak to You?

I’ve just gone over some of the most common energy healing modalities, but there are others. You may want to do some further research to find a modality that speaks to you personally. If you feel drawn to a certain modality, go for it.

But, conversely, if you feel oddly resistant to a certain modality, then pay attention. Energy healing is the most natural thing in the world, but if you are new to it, then you may feel uneasy. This is why it’s important to take your time and listen to your heart, mind and body when choosing your energy healer.

Take Cost into Consideration

You will find that some types of energy healing, such as Reiki, may be covered by your insurance, but not all will be. So you’ll need to factor in some costs. Just like most traditional forms of therapies, energy healing will require multiple sessions. If you’ve had health problems for 5+ years, it is unrealistic to think that one session will get you completely healed.

This is important for your health, so be sure to budget. Some energy healers offer packages, which can be an excellent way to save. Just ask if they have any kind of savings they can offer you. Most energy healers I know are extremely loving and kind people who truly want to help, so it never hurts to ask.

I hope that you will look further into energy healing and begin to incorporate it into your treatment plan. Remember, you ARE energy. If you are sick, it means your energy is not right and needs some attention.

Sending love and light…

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