Who are you surrounded by?

Who are you surrounded by?

Who are you surrounded by?

Hello lovely you,

I woke up this morning and said my prayers and did my spiritual invocation and I gave myself a big hug and wished myself a wonderful day. I thought about you all and wondered what you do in the morning to support your healing and who surrounds you.

My tea is steaming in front of me and my little Zuzu is fed and happy. I’m ready to write!


You are the only person who can change your life around, correct? Do we all agree with that statement?

Who you live with and surround yourself with will make or break your life.

Do yourself a big favor and surround yourself with inspiring human beings that love and believe in you. 

You want to improve your health, so how are you going to do that? What is your plan?

We all want to heal our lives so who is in your life that is helping you with that? I know your family, loved ones and friends mean well but they are not the only people and things in your life that inspire you.

What about the books you read and the movies you watch?

Who inspires you daily? Hey, maybe it’s Prue’s Place Daily that encourages you every morning to think more about your life and be the best you can be!

Do you have the right people around you? Do you have enough of these people in your life to make a difference?

Do these people genuinely inspire you with positive energy and make you feel loved?

Do these people encourage you to keep on track and stay the course?

Do these people help you realize how wonderful you are?

Do they show you love and how to love yourself more?

Do they set a good example for you to follow?

Do they walk the talk, or are they full of hot air?

You can tell who is genuine and who isn’t by their actions.

6 simple things that you can do to surround yourself with exhilarating, motivating, inspiring beings who will help you heal:

1. Check out inspirational Ted Talks. 

2. Use Social Media to your advantage. Test out every platform and find sites and videos that inspire you.

3. Sign up for online courses that will inspire you and don’t just buy the e-course and file it on your computer. Complete the course! 

4. Ask friends and colleagues you trust for referrals and their trusted advisors. Who do they know who can help you? Seek our long term cancer survivors and find out what they did to save their lives!

5. Get educated…download scientific studies…read everything you can on your dis-ease, and all forms of healing that you can do. Write a thesis – a research paper for yourself, so you are thoroughly educated and know what you can do to heal. Take control of your life and your health plan.

6. Visualize – draw pictures in your head of people you admire. What would these masterminds do in your situation?

Inspire yourself first. Become resourceful and educated so you can become inspired and grateful. One day you will be an inspiration for others, and that is the most rewarding gift of all!

Love you,


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