You Are a Crayon - Life Purpose

You Are a Crayon – Your Life’s Purpose

We all have a life’s purpose – even when we don’t know what it is yet.

I have worked in Human Resource Management for some time, and it is a role I have always enjoyed. I spend my week as Chief People Officer for an innovative fluorescent guided surgery cancer company and regardless of how difficult and frustrating my job can be sometimes, I know we are making a huge difference in the world and that makes me smile and helps me through the tough days. Between my work with employees and my work with cancer patients over the years, I have found human beings have one thing in common: They don’t know what their life purpose is.

There was a time I didn’t know what my purpose in life was, either. I don’t think many people know this.

Do you know your purpose?

Why is it that so many of us go through life without any real purpose? We choose careers based on… what… based on skills we have, topics that interest us… what our parents want us to do… what our friends are going to study?

I have come to the conclusion that most of us go through the majority of our lives without knowing our TRUE purpose because we are trying to find OUR purpose instead of trying to understand GOD’s purpose for our lives. There is a BIG difference!

Now understand when I talk about God, I am talking about the divine ALL, the creator – the one true loving source. I know many people have different reactions to the word God because religions have created their own version of God. And to be frank, many of these versions of God don’t align with our own internal compass and instinct.

Some of these versions of God don’t ring true to our own souls, and so we are pushed away from God instead of trying to find God ourselves. This is part of the problem. We have no real connection to our benevolent creator, and so we are living our lives completely alone and lost instead of creating our lives WITH God, like an incredibly fun and loving interactive game.

You Are a Crayon

I have just returned from an amazing adventure in the Teton Mountains of Wyoming and the mountains of Utah. It was a much needed “off the grid” vacation where we sat in awe of the mountains, lakes, rivers, creeks, and all the wildlife. We hiked, biked, and let go of all the craziness going on in the world.

At the airport, I noticed a child sitting on the floor drawing a picture with crayons for his dad. Have you ever watched the delight in a child’s face when they are suddenly inspired with an idea of a picture they want to draw for someone they love? They get out their paper and box of crayons and create from a place of wonder, beauty, fun, and joy.

Now imagine a child wanting to draw a rainbow as a gift for their parent. They grab the red crayon and make an arc on the paper. They grab the orange crayon and make an arc right below the red one. They grab the yellow crayon and make an arc below the orange one. They grab the green crayon and make an arc below the yellow one. Then they grab the blue crayon and try to make an arc, but the blue crayon jumps right out of their little hand and starts to make weird little Xs all over the paper. Again, the small child grabs the blue crayon and tries to continue with their beautiful rainbow, but the blue crayon just isn’t having it and jumps out of the child’s hand once again and this time begins scribbling all over the table and adjacent wall.

The blue crayon had a purpose. It was going to be part of something beautiful that was created out of love to share with others, but the blue crayon had an idea of its own and began drawing what it wanted instead.

You are a crayon. We are all crayons. We are all musical instruments. We are all spools of yarn. We are creative potential and, since we have free will, we can go ahead and create our own lives. But when we do that, we tend to end up with scribbles, out of tune sad cacophonies and knotted balls of useless fabric.

If we can recognize what we are and allow God to use us to create the most beautiful things we can ever imagine, our life has real purpose and meaning. Your life, my life, everyone’s life is like a note in the most beautiful song. Or at least it CAN be, when we go with the flow and find GOD’s purpose for us, instead of trying to determine our own purpose.

Is Your Ego Throwing a Fit Right Now?

Is your ego saying, “Wait a minute, I don’t want to sit around being anyone’s tool, even God’s. This is my life and I’ll do what I want with it!!!”

Well, you certainly have that right. The child creating the rainbow drawing was not trying to assert its own will onto that box of crayons; the child was trying to express himself and bring joy to someone he loves. How good would that blue crayon have felt to be used in such a beautiful way? But instead the crayon created its own rather ugly scribbles.

You have a choice. We all do. Find your purpose or find God’s purpose for you. One will get you a maybe-happy life, the other will get you miracles and constant goosebumps.

If you want to find out what God’s purpose is for you, then get quiet. Start a relationship with God, The Supreme Being. God is as close to you as your own breath. Go Within. Meditate. Listen. And get ready to have your world rocked!

My journey to the mountains has brought so much peace and harmony back to my life. I’m am rejuvenated, centered, and ready to rock and roll with the next chapter.

Many goosebumps are coming your way today!

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Love you,


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