You Can Control Your Thoughts – And Your Mind

You can control your own thoughts

What did you think about this morning? Did you feel like you could control your thoughts? What thoughts crossed your mind as you woke up? Good or not so good thoughts?

Your mind is a unique tool and a gift that you have been given to use how you wish.

My upbringing didn’t teach me that my mind was powerful. It didn’t teach that I could control my thoughts. When I learned I have this power, this gift and saw the results show up in my life, it was one of those fantastic Aha! moments you never forget. I don’t believe I would have learned this without being driven how to save my life from stage 4 cancer.

Thank you, cancer.

Did you train your mind to say things that are hurtful, scary, and negative?

YOU are in control, not your mind. YOU can untrain and restrain your mind.

Your mind is a tool and can be used in any way you wish.

All those years of your mind running the show can be retrained. Yes, it is the truth; you have the power to change your thoughts. Your current thoughts are just a habit you have created. So, STOP your mind from controlling you. All we have to do is CHANGE the HABIT.

You have control of your current thought. That is it. The old thoughts have gone, and there is nothing you can do about that except watch out for the experience these thoughts have caused. Our future thoughts are not available yet, and we have no idea what they will be.

The thought you are having right now is under your control.

Do you like the thought you have right now? If the answer is no, you have the power to change it right in its tracks.

Your mind may rebel when you start to change your thoughts. It was comfortable just the way it was, and it doesn’t want to be retrained. Remember, it’s just a habit, and when you are focused and believe you want to change your thoughts to improve your life, remember that you are always in control. Within a short time the new you, the new way you want to think about yourself and your life will happen. You will soon see the difference and the wonder in your life.

A Moment Together

Sit quietly with me right now. Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, let all the tension go from your body. Close your eyes and quieten your chattering drunken monkey mind. Let all your thoughts drift away. Say to yourself, “It is easy for me to change my thoughts because I believe in me, and I know I deserve a better life filled with love, peace, joy, and abundance. I am willing to let go and release all anger, fear, guilt, and sadness from my life. I let go of old family toxic beliefs and limitations. I am at peace with who I am; I love myself and how I live my life. I am safe. I am healed.”

Don’t stop now. Try doing this exercise again and again. If sad and depressing thoughts come to mind, just gently let them go up, up, up, and away.

There is no need to struggle or be stressed. Just let go and think better loving thoughts about yourself and the loved ones in your life.



Prue’s quote of the day: “I am flexible and gently move with the changes taking place in my life as best I can. I love myself and approve of the way I live my life. So be it.”

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